Meet a few of our past graduates who joined the CF Analyst Programme


Lucy Butterworth


I joined CF after working in the NHS for several years. I learned a huge amount in the NHS, but was keen to broaden my experience and skills by working in the healthcare consultancy sector. After a lot of research and a number of conversations, CF seemed like a perfect fit for me.

As a dedicated health care consultancy, CF provides an opportunity to gain a real breadth and depth of experience advising a wide range of organisations, including hospitals, commissioning groups and private sector companies. I’ve been impressed by the knowledge and experience of my CF colleagues, who share my passion and commitment to making a difference. People are always keen to share their expertise and support your professional growth and development.

My first project was helping with the development of a new clinical strategy for a hospital. This proved to be a really interesting and varied project; I was involved in researching international best practice, developing models of care with clinicians and modelling the impact of the strategy. More recently, I’ve been involved in urgent work to support the NHS’s response to COVID-19. This has been fast-paced with a steep learning curve, but it’s been hugely rewarding to directly assist the NHS during such unprecedented times.


Jack Pickard


I completed a PhD in cardiovascular medicine at University College London before applying to CF. Transferring from a PhD to consultancy is a well-trodden path. I was personally motivated by the opportunity to work on real-world problems, within whole healthcare systems, in contrast to the narrower focus of academic projects.

I also enjoy the data analytics side of my role. I completed a Python course before joining CF and my expertise in analysing data and drawing insights has grown massively since being here. Presenting robust recommendations based on data is a really rewarding aspect of the role.

You do start on projects pretty much straight away – whether that’s internal CF projects, new business or client ones – but you’re not left to sink or swim. There’s always help at hand. The induction sets you up well. You stay at a hotel with the other new joiners, get to know each other and the senior leaders of CF, and learn an incredible amount about consulting. I enjoyed it.


 Rhys Thomson

Rhys Thomson

Senior Analyst

I joined CF straight from University after completing a Bachelor’s degree in pre-clinical medicine.  I studied healthcare modules throughout my degree and enjoyed an analytical approach to solving problems.  CF appealed with a clear mission statement to improve health and care and the chance to develop my analytical abilities and be part of a fast-changing environment.

Days at CF can be highly variable and the range of projects that I have worked on have developed numerous skills across healthcare management, analytics and finance.  Projects can vary in multiple ways from topic of the project to ranges in length and team size, which can be tough but it’s great to step outside of my comfort zone and develop an array of skills all the while knowing I am making an impact. 

CF has an amazing community of people, where I feel very supported. Being a part of different teams provides an opportunity to work alongside incredible people who are experts in their fields and be supported in your journey within CF.


Asha Patel


I completed one year as a junior doctor before discovering a video of Dame Ruth Carnall speaking about healthcare. From there I found CF and culture and approach I thought would suit me, very different from the big four. I joined two years ago now and was promoted to senior analyst last year.

CF genuinely makes an impact, because of the people in the business, particularly the leaders, have worked and led healthcare organisations and know what it takes. There’s a very human approach to our consultancy – we connect with people and recognise the difference positive change can make to them, whether they’re patients, clinicians, leaders or other staff.

I’ve recently been working with a hospital to develop its clinical strategy for the future. It’s exciting to work because I can see that what we’re doing with them will be truly transformational. My role has been supporting the development of the clinical content to form the basis of the strategy.

The experience I had as a junior doctor means I’ll always think about the healthcare professionals who are trying to make change happen with us – people with day jobs, often just trying to keep their heads above water with the health and care they are relied upon to provide.

There is real expert knowledge here and it’s humbling to be amongst people who’ve made such important change happen. Everyone here is very bright but grounded, and 100% willing to share what they know to help you grow and develop. They want you to excel but also find meaning in your work. If healthcare isn’t your passion, then CF is not the place for you.

Guy Cochrane


After graduation, I worked as a communication officer for a set of clinical commissioning groups and acute trusts which gave me broad exposure to several parts of the NHS. I applied to CF following someone’s recommendation and throughout the interview process discovered impressive, knowledgeable people, really committed to healthcare.

There is no other place like CF if you want to become an expert in this sector. Healthcare is what we’re focused on every day. So, you learn a lot very quickly and feel like a consultant from day one.

I quickly became involved in some major projects. One identifying the levels of provision required for a hospital being considered for redevelopment. I supported engagement and analysis sessions with clinicians to achieve a shared understanding of the challenges involved.

On another project I supported the production of a surgical strategy for 21 specialities across five sites, leading the quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify gaps in care and assess the optimal configuration of services, as well as the impact of implementing the new configuration.If you put yourself forward the opportunities are there.