Why CF?

CF is a management consultancy dedicated to improving health and care. We inspire clients to make change happen. We support our people to be courageous in doing the right thing.

We are a fast-growing consultancy with the largest team dedicated to healthcare. We have won multiple awards in the last year recognising our impact, including the awards from the Health Service Journal for Best Consultancy and Best Provider of Healthcare Analytics, and from the Management Consulting Association for Best Public Sector Change Management.

We help clients to address their toughest problems and to have sustained impact. We bring innovative solutions based on understanding of both the cutting edge of technology and a realistic understanding of what will work in the client context.  We apply hypothesis-led and evidence-based problem solving, making use of robust analysis. Moreover, we bring healthcare leaders together to align behind a common set of priorities, support the development of capabilities to execute and to develop the mechanisms to sustain change.

Given the rich and unique datasets made possible by the NHS, there are fantastic opportunities to apply advanced analytical techniques, along with powerful visualisations, to provide new insights and cutting edge tools. This enables our teams to spend more time in the synthesis and engagement of clients. We are committed to grow our Healthcare Analytics team and are hiring to build this team.

The work is varied and projects tend to last from a few weeks to > 6 months, examples of recent work include

  • Building software to predict and manage patient flow in hospitals
  • Building a tool to help hospitals understand how changing services will impact patient travel times
  • Developing planning software to optimise vaccine distribution
  • Developing an interface to explore inequality in vaccine distribution
  • Predicting COVID demand and capacity across hospitals in London
  • Creating new visualisation to understand the bottlenecks in outpatient clinical pathways
  • Automatically generating analysis suites for rapid diagnostics of geographic areas


  • Educated to Degree level in relevant area or Advanced Degree in relevant area
  • Minimum 2 years’ in a professional data science role
  • Experience building predictive and explainable models
  • Mathematical competence and proficiency in statistics


How to apply

Please submit your CV, salary expectations and a covering letter describing how you fit the job profile to our recruitment team

Click to email your CV and cover letter to our recruitment team


Problem Solving

  • A solid grasp of machine learning with the ability to develop new approaches when an innovative solution is necessary
  • Develop predictive models and insightful visualisation
  • Develop processes and tools to measure the quality and effectiveness of data sources, products and models over time and improve upon them

Managing delivery

  • An excellent command of the standard libraries for data science
  • An appreciation for the importance of the scientific method in data driven commercial applications
  • Identify and assess data sources which could add value to products and client projects
  • Maintain the production environment with the help of the analytics team
  • Manage time resources to ensure risks are appropriately communicated

Change Leadership

  • Commitment to giving and receiving constructive feedback and coaching to support development
  • Work with leadership to identify key new product initiatives to drive growth

Business focus

  • Passion for the potential of data and algorithms to help build the team and evangelise across Carnall Farrar
  • Comfortable working fast when required
  • Strong drive and resilience
  • Work with clients to bring analytical insights to address their toughest problems
  • Ensure all data sources are as up to date as possible


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to work collaboratively with others in the organisation
  • Clear communicator of technical ideas and solutions
  • Collaborative approach to writing code

Skills and knowledge

  • Proficient in Python and R for modelling, Javascript/Typescript for front ends, Airflow for orchestration, but we are not wedded to anything and look forward to trying new technology as it becomes useful
  • Experience using cloud services and containerisation
  • As a rule, we aim for understandable and parsimonious over black box and complicated but that doesn’t mean there aren’t applications for deep learning where predictive accuracy is paramount.
  • Proficiency using relational database systems
  • Create high quality, structured code


  • They must be comfortable working with a wide range of stakeholders and functional teams
  • Collaborate with consulting teams to identify and execute on opportunities to build data science products and models