Using population health management to deliver new models of care at pace


We support you to deliver integrated care models by:


Assessing where you are

At this point all areas of the NHS are doing something on integrated care. Typically a range of different initiatives have been put in place. We help you to assess your progress using our integrated care maturity matrix to develop a shared view of your position and prioritises

Understanding your population needs 

We employ evidence-based analytics to understand the health and care needs of the local population and segment based on cohorts with similar needs.

Developing care models that focus on specific groups of your population, based on what works

We tailor care models for specific cohorts to ensure they receive the best possible care. For example, enrolling people with complex needs in programmes of targeted interventions delivered by multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs). Our approach enables leaders, clinicians and patients to identify national and international best practice that will work most effectively for your population.


Supporting implementation

We support you to identify the required enablers of transformation and develop concrete plans to put this in place.

Focusing on results

We put in place methods to continuously evaluate the impact of integrated care on patients.We support systems to improve outcomes through investing heavily in leadership of team-based care.



You can read more about the tools we deploy in our Integrated Care Delivery service line here

If you are interested about the work we do in our ICS service line, contact Ben or Toby for more information.


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