Our clients ask, how do we…


  • Strengthen our relationship with the NHS?
  • Gain access to population health data?
  • Collaborate with NHS partners on research?
  • Grow awareness of our product?
  • Build support for our product coming to market?

There’s a big drive for closer collaboration between life sciences organisations and healthcare providers, to make sure innovation converts into better outcomes for patients. With our deep insights into the NHS, CF is uniquely placed to facilitate effective knowledge-sharing and partnerships. We help life sciences and pharma organisations to:

  • Connect better with payors and providers to introduce innovation to the market
  • Demonstrate value to the payor in the payor’s terms
  • Find innovative ways to generate value across the whole disease pathway
  • Develop innovate outcomes-based pricing models

Common challenges include building stronger relationships between commercial life sciences and pharma organisations with NHS stakeholders, navigating regulation and entrenched ways of working, and unlocking the insights contained within population health data.

Our offer

  • Establish connection Helping organisations gain access to the right people to drive involvement in research and product innovation

  • Mediate Supporting the development of relationships as a neutral mediator

  • Data utilisation Policy and practice for the use of population health data and how to derive the right data sets and insights, including navigating the information governance landscape

  • Defining value Enabling organisations to express the benefits of their products and innovations in terms that appeal to clinician and payor