The issue

The Carter Review was published in early 2016, detailing the operational productivity and performance in the hospitals across England. This report used various methodologies to benchmark the productivity of trusts against their peers and identified key areas where savings could be made in NHS providers. Every Trust in the country received its own report from the Carter Review.  

The NHS Right Care programme is an established programme of work which reports to NHS England. One aspect of this programme is that it allows CCGs to benchmark their productivity and identify opportunities for savings.  

The four Greater Manchester North East Sector CCGs (Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCG, North Manchester CCG, Bury CCG and Oldham CCG) and Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (PAHT) wanted to understand the extent of alignment of potential opportunities across their respective Right Care benchmarking reports and the Trust’s Carter report.  

The work

CF was commissioned to help the North East Sector identify these areas and create a starting point and a shared vision for future collaboration between organisations. The specific objectives were to identify:  

  • Areas of alignment between CCGs and CCGS and PAHT 
  • Areas of overlap between CCGs and CCGS and PAHT 
  • Areas which do not overlap between CCGs and PAHT 

The output

  • Reviewing the historical levels of CIP and QIPP plans, and the degree of achievement 
  • Comparison of the commissioners identified by Right Care, identifying overlaps and gaps across the 4 CCGs 
  • Using the Right Care Atlas of Variation to compare the CCGs 
  • A comparison of provider opportunities vs those identified by Carter 
  • Identification of the spotlights for the NE sector  
  • Recommendations for next steps 
  • Meeting with each organisation to understand how they use the Right Care and their Carter reports as a tool to identify savings. 

The outcomes

We identified 10 key areas of opportunity for joint working and alignment; selected on the basis that there was a shared opportunity of statistical significance between CCGs according to the Right Care Atlas of variation, and a high opportunity value for PAHT according to their Carter recommendations. Our work endowed the clients with an understanding of the shared opportunity areas which they could pursue in future, a set of recommendations for the way forward and an outline of the key data issues across the NE Sector and Pennine Acute and set of potential solutions to remedy this.  

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