CF, leading a consortium with IBI and Currie & Brown, was commissioned by the States of Guernsey to support a 10-year hospital redevelopment programme. The initial work involved the review of an outline programme business case, demand and capacity modelling to support sizing of the hospital, capital and revenue costing to support OBC development, as well as the development of design solutions. 

The work initially focused on the strategic healthcare planning activities, taking the programme RIBA2 stage. This work involved the following key elements that CF and consortium partners delivered:

  • A review of the existing outline programme business case, in particular, the underlying analytics and costing approach against HM Treasury guidance and identified areas of improvement
  • Conducted a detailed demand and capacity analysis for a 30-year period at speciality and modality level, incorporating the impact of community care, efficiency opportunities
  • Facilitated clinical engagement to develop clinical models by speciality
  • C&B and IBI colleagues worked with CF to turn the demand analysis into schedules of accommodation and developed design options at 1:500 and 1:200 scale

Additional work was commissioned in parallel to support the development of an Outline Business Case in line with Treasury guidance. CF and consortium partners delivered:

  • Options appraisal through a structured process from a long list to shortlist to the preferred option
  • Financial appraisal of options against BAU, assessing the impact on income and expenditure
  • Economic appraisal of options incorporating all cost elements including revenue, capital, and life cycle costing with input from C&B
  • Facilitated stakeholders across Guernsey, including clinical, managerial and political leaders, through the options appraisal process, to gain buy-in and sign-off.

The clients in Guernsey have universally praised the work by the CF consortium:

“CF was commissioned to undertake a robust detailed demand analysis taking into account local demographic and non-demographic growth to ensure correct support for healthcare planning of the programme, they have worked closely with our internal team even at a time giving them support to deliver the necessary data required and have listened to challenge from clinicians and the corporate management and where necessary have revisited their analysis process to ensure the data is accurate.

 I have found CF to be excellent in leading the full consortium, they have ensured professionals reports, presentations, objectives and deliverables are met on time, they have a flexible approach and  have given excellent support to the internal core team, they have been very professional in clarifying and offering assistance when needed for the requirements of the SOC, OBC and FBC process.”

 - Jan Coleman, Programme Director

"Over the last few months, you’ve lived up to, and exceeded, the expectations you induced that day.  I knew there would be issues with our data, but even I didn’t foresee it would all be quite as problematic as it has been…  That has been handled with incredible patience and good humour and has frequently been turned round in 24 hours.  The result is that I have confidence in the work you have produced because I see the intelligence and diligence that has gone into it, which is incredibly valuable."

 - Keith Davies, Finance Director