At Carnall Farrar we are dedicated to improving health, care and public services more broadly.


Our approach is reinforced by a philosophy of quality and continuous improvement that ensures we deliver to the requirements and expectations of our clients. We believe a successful project is one that continues when we are gone and so we focus throughout each contract on working closely with client staff to build local capability.

Carnall Farrar is focused on helping clients to improve health, care and public services, with a reputation for supporting clients in solving problems and transforming delivery through our core competencies of: strategy and advisory; programme and project management; and, leadership and organisational development.

Transforming care

A whole system approach to improving health, care and cost effectiveness. We assess the clinical and financial sustainability, develop and align health and care professionals behind a common cause, facilitate the co-design of new services, support the reconfiguration of care delivery and develop new models of care delivery.

Developing the enablers of change

Building a granular understanding of population health and care needs, developing new payment models, making changes in the flow of information, designing and implementing workforce changes, developing estates strategies to meet service needs and release cost and supporting the development of changes in governance so form follows function.

Managing delivery

We establish major programmes of work, create effective governance structures for major joint efforts, identify change needs and implications, manage implementation planning and delivery and improve provider performance.

Leadership and organisational development

We support clients from end-to-end so they get the most from their teams, organisations and systems. Our support includes enhancing the effectiveness of leaders and organisations, conducting capability reviews using robust and proven methodology, Executive coaching and development and leadership development.

Case Studies

We have a reputation for supporting clients to get the most out of their organisations in solving problems and transforming delivery across a range of strategies.

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See our publications and multimedia on health and social care. 

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CF works independently and where appropriate with partner organisations to meet client needs. CF often works directly with organisations and when it is suitable we contract on this basis. Alternatively, we engage with procurement via frameworks such as the CCS Management Consultancy Framework and Health Trust Europe. To access a full list of procurement options please contact

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