Our cloud-based self-assessment survey can be used to understand how urgent and emergency care services are performing across systems, processes, leadership, culture and metrics. Results can be used together with information drawn from other lenses including interviews, observations and data analysis to give a holistic picture of improvement opportunities across the whole pathway.


  • Criteria informed by best practice and expert clinical opinion
  • Clinical and other leaders score each question against criteria
  • Enables self-assessment of current performance across urgent and emergency care pathway
  • Enables self-assessment of future plans across urgent and emergency care pathway
  • Pathway stages include: pre-ED, front door, ED, hospital, discharge
  • Impactful visual outputs highlight organisational disconnect across all stages
  • Online trajectories and trends
  • Bespoke support to conduct interviews, observations and analysis
  • Bespoke support to customise analysis and outputs for organisations
  • Bespoke support to review results and agree on further steps


  • Establish a picture of performance across the entire UEC pathway
  • Understand capability and capacity for transformation within the system
  • Identify pressure points and prioritise areas for improvement
  • Identify, appreciate, understand and spread good practice
  • Identify gaps in plans (e.g. staffing, facilities, information systems)
  • Agree forward plan for development
  • Track on the progress of implementation and impact of changes
  • Embed MDT working and leadership required to accelerate change
  • Leverage CF's extensive expertise in UEC delivery

This tool is part of our Improving Performance service line. If you would like to read more about our Maturity Matrix for Urgent and Emergency Care, such as a more detailed product offering please click here