The Integrated Care Delivery Maturity Matrix can be used to understand progress in population health management.

Our structured survey supports the client to self-assess how advanced health and care systems are in adopting evidence-based care models, putting enablers in place and achieving impact. Systems scoring better on the maturity matrix have demonstrated improvements in performance (e.g. reduction in non-elective admissions among older people).

The maturity matrix has 55 questions across 6 domains. These domains are:
  1. Adoption of care models in adults and older people with complex needs
  2. Adoption of care models for those who are mostly healthy and those with long-term conditions but uncomplex needs
  3. Adoption of care models for other population groups
  4. Maturity of joint working
  5. Maturity of other enabling factors
  6. Impact

The maturity matrix enables participants to score each question on a scale of 1-4 with an opportunity to provide their rationale and comments on the status and breathe of the model. This scale includes detailed guidance on what each score means.


  • Assess the maturity of evidence-based population health model and enablers
  • Enables self-assessment of current and desired position
  • Quantifies impact achieved to date using rate per/1000 population
  • Results captured at any level (CCG, PCH/neighbourhood, GP practice)
  • Administered through an online survey
  • Completed through self-assessment (with the option of calibration)/facilitated self-assessment
  • Alternatively, completed through objective scoring by a third party
  • Opportunity to re-assess in a year
  • Bespoke support to customise analysis and outputs for organisations
  • Bespoke support to review results and agree on further steps


  • Establish how mature your population health management is
  • Rapidly gauge progress, both in implementation and impact
  • Measure and compare progress at a sub-CCG level
  • Understand capability and capacity for transformation within the system
  • Identify priority areas for improvement in population health initiatives
  • Identify, understand and spread good practice
  • Identify gaps in plans (e.g. workforce, information flow, estates)
  • Agree forward plan for development
  • Track on an ongoing basis the impact changes are having
  • Embed MDT working and leadership required to accelerate change

This tool is part of our Delivering Integrated Care service line. If you would like to read more about our Maturity Matrix for Delivering Integrated Care, such as a more detailed product offering please click here