COVID-19 is having an ongoing impact on health services

Described by Simon Stevens and Amanda Pritchard as the biggest challenge the NHS has faced since its inception, COVID-19 brought with it a unique challenge to health services in the UK and saw NHS organisations work in new and innovative ways to overcome the pressures on their services. Phase 2 of the COVID response has seen organisations initiate the restoration of many services, lock in improvements achieved through the COVID period and implement new guidance on infection prevention and control. There is no doubt that we are experiencing a second wave of COVID cases and many systems have begun preparing for increased admissions with some experiencing upticks in activity already.

There are lessons to be leant from the first wave of COVID

The management of the first wave of COVID infections has instilled great pride in the NHS, its people and its ability to respond in a crisis. There are however some key lessons to be learnt and in a future peak, it is likely the response will need to be different in a number of ways including:

  • Maintaining elective, cancer and diagnostics services to avoid further increases in waiting times and outcomes for patients
  • Preventing cross-infection in hospitals
  • A more coordinated approach to discharge with system partners in places
  • A need to focus on achieving health equity and a reflection that the previous pandemic has widened gaps
  • Prioritising the wellbeing and morale of staff to manage a second peak
  • Understanding and managing COVID over the longer term

CF is well placed to support systems through preparations for a second wave of COVID

CF is dedicated to health and care and have directly supported multiple NHS organisations across the previous phases of COVID-19 and remain committed to continue this with the new challenges systems in the NHS face. Given our contextual understanding of the efforts so far and our expertise in both delivery and analytics, we have put together a proposal with an offer to support systems as they begin to prepare to manage a second wave of infections.

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View the Covid Response Phase 3 NHS guidance here.