CF was commissioned to support the West of Scotland region to develop their plans for future services. Support consisted of assessing the current situation, future demand and capacity modelling, and working with the clinical cabinet to develop options of service provision with supporting evidence for submission to the Scottish government


  • Plans for regional services submitted to the government for approval
  • Future demand and capacity modelling to understand future needs from the health care service
  • Service provision options developed to best meet the clinical standards for this unique geography and the needs of the population in a financially sustainable manner


The West of Scotland Region is a geographically diverse region of 2.7m population across both cities and rural areas, including the island of Arran and a number of isolated peninsulas. The rate of growth of the over 65 population is over 40% and regional plans were required to be submitted to the Scottish government to ensure there is a future service delivery model appropriate for future demand. Both the populations of the Kintyre peninsula and the island of Arran are particularly remote, and as such, the regional plan and any changes in service provision needed to consider how access would change for this population.


We supported the region to develop sections of the regional plan, including the financial and activity models.


  • Thoroughly assessed current financial situation
  • Modelled future expected demand and required capacity
  • Deployed our maturity matrix to evaluate their current implementation of integrated care
  • Supported the clinical cabinet to
    • Develop a series of clinical standards appropriate for their unique geography
    • Develop a range of options for the provision of services, including models for both integrated care in the community and urgent and emergency case
    • Conduct a clinical evaluation of the models to demonstrate clinical standards would be met
    • Conduct a financial evaluation of the models to demonstrate financial sustainability


The plan was submitted to the government in April 2018, including robust analysis outlining the expected future financial position and the nature and volume of future demand.