CF was commissioned to partner with Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), a high performing organisation with a reputation for innovation. The CCG wanted to ensure it was fit for the future by undertaking a comprehensive review of its strategic priorities, capabilities, partnerships and relationships.

  • Two main 5-year priorities were agreed with the governing body
  • Developed a new executive and senior management structure to deliver the strategic priorities
  • Completed design of new roles and responsibilities, job descriptions and an organisational development programme


Building a collaborative partnership

Our partnership with Tower Hamlets CCG was collaborative in nature and the overall approach included a mix of light-touch support, to guide thinking and focus the effort expended by the CCG, and intensive support on specific topics.  

Refinement of and alignment around strategic priorities 

Tower Hamlets CCG had a set of seven clear aspirations. A strategic partnership programme was established to help to deliver on them. We helped define and develop the priorities that would have the most impact on the Tower Hamlets population and the CCG’s ability to remain confident system leaders. To help focus the priorities we established the existing capabilities within Tower Hamlets.

Capability and capacity diagnostic 

CF worked with the CCG to build capability within their staff pool to deliver the strategic priorities. We worked with staff to support them in fostering a learning-by-doing process and adopting this mentality in their daily work. We identified support for cross-cutting enablers (IT, Communications) and ensured support was implemented. We worked with leaders to develop the plans to implement the capability changes.  

Organisational and Leadership Development 

We also supported leaders with the development of collective capabilities, ensuring these were aligned to priorities. We offered support to staff at an individual level through the leadership development programme or by working in partnership to address challenges in their role. In addition, we developed a coaching programme with clear outcome measurements for individuals and for teams.  

Strategic oversight and delivery 

Throughout the process, we implemented regular reviews. These were focused on ensuring alignment and agreement on deploying and prioritising resources to meet strategic goals. We tailored our input to match changing priorities and needs.

Ongoing impact

The objective overall was to leave Tower Hamlets CCG with enhanced capabilities and improved performance, with attention given to the individual and team, and the development needs of clinical and managerial leaders to build resilience.

A new set of strategic priorities was established and a structure was designed to support delivery.