CF was engaged to support the development of the corporate leadership team in the Gulf. Each individual team member was highly credible, but there were substantial barriers to effective team working.


  • Nurtured a culture of collaboration and the sense of joint ownership
  • Increased performance and job satisfaction
  • Established the foundations for teamwork and improved relationships with front line staff moving forward

Siloed working

A healthcare company in the Gulf, made the decision to engage outside help for the corporate team followed considerable efforts to resolve matters internally. The team was not acting in a mutually supportive way and all members were frustrated by the siloed working and hostile environment. Most significantly, they recognised they were not serving the organisation and patients as well as they could.

Broadening discussion

We interviewed each member of the team prior to running a group development event and engaged with a selection of hospital CEOs to gain a rounded perspective of the whole organisation. It was clear that the siloed working of the corporate team was having a detrimental effect on relationships with front line leaders.

We used what we learned to produce a set of critical themes. These broadened the discussion to issues beyond the internal conflicts of the corporate team and were the springboard for the team considering how they could work more effectively together.

Strategic priorities and enablers

We concluded our support by helping the corporate team agree on four strategic priorities. These would be the foundations for closer collaboration going forward. These were:

  • Redefining the mission in the light of expectations and constraints
  • Achieving greater stakeholder alignment
  • Developing accountability through an integrated healthcare system
  • Succession planning

We worked with them to establish an important set of enablers including the need to improve legal, procurement and HR support. An action plan with timescales and named individuals was agreed at the final session, involving hospital leaders as well as the corporate office.

Ongoing impact

The improved sense of joint ownership and collaboration led the team to work better and more efficiently together. Performance of individuals and the team overall increased, as did job satisfaction.