Guernsey Princess Elizabeth Hospital Modernisation Programme

CF led a consortium partnering with Currie and Brown (healthcare planning) and IBI (architect) to support the States of Guernsey with the modernisation programme for the Princess Elizabeth Hospital (PEH) by:

  • providing detailed activity and capacity modelling,
  • extensive clinical engagement to co-develop design solutions, and
  • a rigorous options appraisal process to confirm a preferred, costed option for a PBC.

CF are also currently supporting the States of Guernsey to produce an OBC for Phase 1 of the modernisation programme.


PEH is Guernsey’s only hospital and is comparable to a district general hospital, even though serving a much smaller population than its UK equivalents. There are significant clinical risks and estate challenges which provided a strong case for change for the redevelopment programme. The States of Guernsey required support to take the strategic case for the Modernisation programme to end of RIBA II and provide a strong business case to enable the programme to progress to next stage of development.  


CF consortium conducted the following work to support the Modernisation programme:  

  • Demand and capacity analysis:  Projected 30-year future demand for the whole hospital by specialty, taking into consideration impact of transformation opportunities (e.g. community and digital) and productivity opportunities.
  • Options appraisal: Facilitated a rigorous process from long to short listed options to preferred option engaging clinical and operational leads.
  • Workforce modelling: Projected future workforce requirement by speciality including additional requirements to deliver new care models, engaging frontline clinicians through workshops. 
  • Financial and economic appraisal for OBC: CF led the economic appraisal of the options, combining capital cost and revenue cost, and produced a comprehensive options appraisal output signed off by the governance board; CF also projected the impact on income and expenditure for PEH to support the financial case.


The consortium’s work has received universal praise. The preferred option design was endorsed by clinical and managerial staff across PEH and wider stakeholders, who have all been closely engaged throughout the process.

Building on the previous work, CF are now undertaking financial and economic appraisal for the phase 1 of the modernisation programme, which will form the basis of the FBC. This work includes the completion of a Comprehensive Investment Appraisal (CIA) model, requiring a holistic appraisal of all the benefits and opportunity costs that are inherent in the modernisation programme.

CF are also supporting the development of the strategic and management cases for the business case, drawing on the work led by the client team and other partners including the design team and estate leads.