CF was commissioned by Tower Hamlets and Newham CCGs to review their progress on integrating out of hospital care with a focus on how PCNs could be developed to accelerate this work. Through extensive GP and clinical director engagement, CF supported the PCNs to align on new care models and a clear path to implementation


  • Achieved shared understanding across boroughs on the case for change, vision and agreed on approach
  • Provided a clear path to implement the agreed approach


In the context of the Long Term Plan, Tower Hamlets and Newham CCGs commissioned CF to review progress with integrating out of hospital care for different population groups and to develop a plan for how this could be accelerated. Across both boroughs, it was essential to focus on current progress at a primary care network (PCN) level and to explore what capacity and support PCN leadership would require to accelerate this work. The development and effective functioning of the PCNs played into the wider effectiveness of health and care across the CCGs.


A shared understanding of the case for change, new models of care and co-developed implementation plans.


Our approach to PCN engagement involved five steps:

  1. Engaged Clinical Directors and individual GPs through 1-1 and group discussions to explore current progress and challenges with joining up care for different patient groups
  2. Supported PCNs to complete the NHSE maturity matrix and to develop their support plans
  3. Brought PCN clinical directors together with wider system leadership through a course of two workshops to explore the baseline, the case for change and to co-develop a vision for enhanced models of care for different population groups
  4. Subsequently engaged individually with clinical directors to refine these care models and to explore what support they would need to implement them at a PCN level
  5. Co-developed implementation plans for each borough which centred around piloting each care model at a PCN level


CF’s support achieved the following:

  • Across both boroughs, a shared understanding involving PCN leadership of the case for change, a vision for holistic care models and agreed approach to implementing these models of care
  • Shared understanding of support which PCNs would require to deliver these models of care
  • A clear report on the development of the PCNs, summarising the messages and providing a clear path for future rollout