Demand for NHS burns care increase during major fireworks events


As bonfire night looms doctors from the NHS along with St John Ambulance have released figures that shows admissions to A&E increases during major fireworks nights such as Guy Fawkes and Diwali.

Last year it is believed that during both Guy Fawkes and Diwali, over 35k people had to seek help on the website in order to get advice on treating scalds and burns; the volume of people seeking advice was drastically elevated, with visits soaring up to 2,800 on 4th November vs. the average 1,800 visits during the rest of the year.

Whilst the majority of cases can be self-treated, there were nearly 2k A&E visits related to fireworks in 2018/19, according to NHS Digital.  More worryingly almost 1k patients were admitted to hospital due to a firework-related incident.

People are being urged to learn some basic first aid skills which will not only reduce hospital trips but also improve the outcome of patient care.

Common injuries from fireworks or bonfires include burns and scalds to the head and hands, shock and eye injuries.