With typical candour, expert knowledge, common sense and humour, Ruth told tales and highlights from her 40-year career as a leader in the NHS. She also shared her perspectives on leadership, work/life balance and the future of healthcare.


Ruth gives her thoughts on:

  • driving the reconfiguration of stroke care in London in the face of political, clinical and public opposition
  • scaling a literal ladder each payday in her first NHS job as a finance trainee at St. Mary’s in Paddington
  • being ‘abolished’ at least 10 times, driving her to start her own management consultancy after the abolishment of NHS London, the strategic health authority, in 2013
  • tackling the challenge of being a woman in NHS leadership when it was very rare – such as navigating difficult questions in interviews for her first role as a Finance Director
  • becoming a twitter sensation with her top 10 insights about resilience in leadership
  • what the NHS can do to prevent more leaders from failing (providing more support and space to grow for individuals new to challenging roles)
  • tackling primary care innovation and tearing down barriers 
  • the relationship between quality and regulators and what should be done about it
  • her hope that there is a growing political consensus that more money for health and social care is needed
  • her anticipation of the potential impact of the forthcoming report on healthcare from Lord Ara Darzi, produced with support from CF


The HealthChat is still available to watch here 

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