Every year National Stress Awareness Day is the first Wednesday of November.

Handling stress is part of everyday life, from navigating public transport, managing your finances and just getting things done. But becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse.

National Stress Awareness Day is a great opportunity to take a moment to think about our wellbeing, like with so many things that affect us personally, it can be so hard to put your hand up and ask for help.

Would you believe it? There's no medical definition of stress; it is undecided whether stress is a result or the actual cause.  The fact that even healthcare professionals are unsure can make it difficult for the individual to understand what causes your feelings of stress, or how to deal with them.

Handling stress  Imagine your ability to handle the challenges of everyday life as a finite bucket of personal resources that you carry around with you.  Buckets slowly fill up when we experience different types of pressure​. It's important to identify the things that lighten the load so that we can manage those pressures and continue to cope.

Healthy habits help you create energy, clarity and resilience and lighten our bucket loads.  These basic pillars of wellbeing make us much more able to cope with stressful situations when they arise and help us to perform at our best.  Whether it is engaging in healthy sleep habits, exercising or meditating.

The main thing that we can do it to learn to manage your stress better by:

  • managing external pressures, so stressful situations don't seem to happen to you quite so often
  • developing your emotional resilience, so you're better at coping with tough situations when they do happen and don't feel quite so stressed

Show your support and get involved!

At CF we have a Stress Awareness Wall which has Mind's Stress Awareness Space Poster where the CF team have been adding their tips on how they handle stress.


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