We have partnered with Changing Health in the critical area of using technology to support education and individual behaviour changes to better manage diabetes.

In Summer 2019, we launched a digital platform for the UK and international partners with a focus to deliver an entirely personalised experience for each user. The platform accelerates the development of scalable behaviour change services and will harness the power of big data to proactively identify the social, environmental or demographic factors most likely to influence a person’s lifestyle behaviours.

“Digital health is the fasting growing area of health, and not surprisingly, it plays a central role in the forward vision for the NHS. We are proud to enter this partnership with a leader in organisational change to support the expansion of digital health from the curious wings of healthcare to centre stage. CF has shown that they’re the gold standard experts in organisational behaviour change through their partnerships in health economies across the UK and beyond. We’re looking forward to working closely with them on our mission of empowering millions of people to make lifestyle changes that last.” 

 - Professor Mike Trenell, Changing Health Chief Scientific Officer

“Digital innovation has the potential to revolutionise healthcare, and giving people the tools to take greater ownership of their own health is a fundamental part of this.”

Ben Richardson, Managing Partner CF

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