Build Back Better: A Roundtable Series for Health and Care Leaders

Covid-19 has introduced unprecedented challenges to Health and Care, unlike anything seen in the history of the NHS or Local Councils. During this time of crisis and uncertainty, leaders must remain focused on their mission and adaptive to the ever-changing environment to ensure that teams provide care as effectively and safely as possible. 

Rather than bracing for temporary hardship before a return to normalcy, leaders must prepare for a permanent shift in how to plan, prioritise and deliver services.


To equip leaders with relevant, timely insights and a robust forum for discussion, CF hosted a three-part roundtable series that featured prominent panellists who are themselves leaders across the Health and Care spaces. 

Hosted by CF’s Sir Chris Ham (Board Advisor) and Hannah Farrar (Chief Executive), these roundtables addressed specific ways that leaders and organisations have responded to, managed and now anticipate change.

Roundtable videos on demand


Building Resilient Systems


Designing for Place

Strengthening the Workforce