We understand the life sciences industry is complex and highly regulated. It faces an increasingly competitive landscape, yet the opportunities available continue to grow.  Changes in science and medicine are creating more opportunities than ever, with the power to change patient outcomes for the better. We are experts at negotiating the complex landscape between life science companies and health systems. 

What CF can do to support you:


We use our deep understanding of complex partnerships to articulate true value that stems from innovations in medicine.


  • Supporting you in early, effective engagement 
  • Drive and deliver deep impact within the NHS
  • Intelligent use of data, drastically improving patient outcomes
  • Synthesis of a compelling case for change, delivering a shift in behaviours, processes and practices

Why use CF on your journey to discovery:


We bring expert knowledge across the NHS, how the system operates from the front line to a high level. We are able to utilise our relationships to leverage change. 


  • We know who makes decisions and how this affects operations and functions
  • Access to key stakeholders, initiating relationships and facilitating fundamental discussion
  • Supporting clinicians and managers to produce lasting improvements across populations
  • Our award winning analytics team can unlock data and apply advanced techniques


Speak to one of our specialists for advice, or email [email protected]