CF worked with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) to conduct a strategy review to inform the development of the ABPI’s five to ten-year strategy. We synthesised a strategy that prioritises areas of focus, describes a vision of success in each of those areas and provides high-level implications for the organisation.

  • Interviewed 91 stakeholders including the ABPI Board, NHS and UK government leaders, AHSN heads, and global pharma representatives
  • Analysed past, present, and future trends in the UK and life sciences
  • Facilitated member engagement in workshops, webinars, and small-group discussions
  • Aligned the Board and Leadership Team on strategic objectives and enablers

Future scope and focus

The ABPI represents UK-affiliated, research-based biopharmaceutical companies and has played a key role in VPAS negotiations, Brexit preparations and advocacy across the whole pharmaceutical life cycle. The ABPI sought to develop a long-term strategy that capitalises on opportunities and responds to emerging challenges from the industry’s evolution and global context, ensuring both the ABPI and its members thrive in the future. They wanted to understand what members valued the most about the organisation and what trends in life sciences, the UK and world should be considered in their strategy development. They were also interested in what their stakeholders, particularly their member organisations, the NHS and UK government, thought the scope and focus of the ABPI should be.

Through a combination of interviews and desk research, our review summarised the key changes in context that will affect the UK pharmaceutical industry and the NHS. We highlighted the largest opportunities and risks, and identified several potential focus areas and refined our ideas in an interactive workshop with the ABPI Board.

What next?

The ABPI is continuing to build on our review and create plans for implementation. Their strategy has the potential to encourage the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in a way that delivers a ‘triple win’ for patients, the NHS, and the public purse.