CF worked with a global pharmaceutical company to drive a new approach to collaborative action between our client and the NHS to improve outcomes across the patient pathway: from prevention through to early detection, intervention and best practice treatment.

• Assessed potential geographical and therapeutic areas in which to pursue the partnership
• Synthesised analysis, research and expert interview feedback to understand the main causes of poor outcomes and prioritise levers for improvement (e.g. early diagnosis)
• Developed an economic model to quantify the potential impact of the levers
• Gained agreement from all partners to take the proposal forward to the next stage of specificity

Building a new partnership model with the NHS to maximise patient outcomes
Our client was a global pharmaceutical company who develop medicines across many therapeutic areas. The company sought to test a new model of partnership with the NHS to maximise patient outcomes. They had a clear desire to ‘do something different’ but were not able to realise the desire into a clear idea of how to transform that into a reality.
They were interested in supporting the NHS more broadly across a patient pathway, from prevention through to early detection and intervention, including pathway optimisation (to shorten waits for treatment and improve access to effective new treatments). The new model of the partnership had to align the incentives of all parties, combine existing capacities and – ultimately – create a sustainable NHS-industry relationship.
As a first step, the company wanted to work with specific local health systems to explore what a new partnership approach could look like with the NHS.

Choosing the right partner to deliver an impactful approach
CF was commissioned to lead engagement to design the potential model of partnership, evaluate its potential impact, and support the initial engagement with the NHS stakeholders. CF was chosen due to the unique position we hold:
• We have deep knowledge of how both the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry works
• Ability to work as a neutral third party to facilitate building stronger relationships between pharmaceutical companies and our extensive network in the NHS
• The CF analytics team have a strong understanding of healthcare data and information governance, and access to national datasets

Development of the proposal for a partnership model
To understand the opportunity to improve outcomes, we conducted interviews and synthesised feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, including national stakeholders (NHS England and Improvement) and potential local partners.
We examined quantitative data in the therapeutic space to understand the current performance level of the NHS across all geographic areas to identify areas of greatest need and variation in performance.
With the input from this qualitative and quantitative work, we were able to narrow in on the target areas for improvement across the pathway and to shortlist a small number of areas to consider as partners for this work.
We developed an economic model which was used to support discussions with the NHS, which quantified the impact of the levers of patient outcomes, treatment volumes and cost to the NHS.
We then led the engagement to develop a proposal for a new partnership model, which included overall goals, which required input from all parties, information governance requirements, and concrete next steps to take the concept forward.
We captured our work in a compelling report which was continuously refined over several months based on expert feedback.

Engagement to secure commitment to the implementation
We delivered a role-play workshop for our client that simulated the initial engagement with the NHS. This allowed our client to build a strong message that resonated with the needs and expectations of potential partners.
We then facilitated initial engagement with potential partners, which resulted in agreement from all involved to take the proposal to the next stage.

Ongoing impact
This project has built a foundation for a partnership between the NHS and pharmaceutical industry which has the potential to profoundly improve patient outcomes in a financially sustainable way.