COVID-19 has fundamentally impacted how organisations plan for the delivery of care both in the short-term and long-term. In response to this uncertainty, CF have developed a robust set of planning tools to aid leaders across care settings. We co-designed these tools with multiple systems and have successfully launched and embedded these tools to guide planning decisions on an ongoing basis. This offer includes an optional add-on of dedicated consultancy engagement and support as well as bespoke analyses.

Our offering

The Demand and Capacity (D&C) modelling tool supports a strategic approach to managing community demand and capacity across a system. This tool enables system planning of workforce and bedded demand against capacity for acutes, community, social care and primary care. This is an interactive tool where users can modify assumptions and test a variety of activity and workforce change scenarios in real time, to support operational decision making. This tool can be used by a single organisation or across a health and care system to enable strategic planning.

By integrating data from across health and social care into a ‘single version of the truth’, it reflects interdependencies and enables joined-up planning. Using a cloud platform, users can predict demand, test different assumptions, and see the impact on system performance.

Outline of Demand and Capacity modelling tool

Key features include:

  1. Secure cloud platform accessible by operational and management teams
  2. Integrates data from all health and care settings (including social care) on demand and capacity at a site level
  3. Produces a view of COVID and non-COVID demand
  4. Incorporates current NHS England planning guidance and modelling
  5. Tracks current demand and capacity against plan
  6. Captures and compares capacity plans across multiple providers
  7. Predicts expected demand and occupancy for community care by specialty
  8. Allows development and sharing of demand and capacity plans across a system
  9. Scenario planning for community services joined up to refreshable datasets and acute scenario planning tools


Key benefits include:

  1. Assess, plan and track demand and capacity
  2. Understand community pathways at site, trust or system level (including social care)
  3. Understand demand for community care and social care at practice, cluster, CCG or system level
  4. Model allows for split by specialty, borough, hot/cold and clean/dirty sites
  5. Identify pressure points and opportunities to transform pathway
  6. Understand capability and capacity for transformation of community care within the system
  7. Support community care and social care planning by STP, commissioners and providers


dashboard example.png
Non-bedded dashboard example

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