This report brings together quantitative data on cancer from the start of the pandemic up to the position as of Spring 2021, with the findings from interviews with leading experts in the field of cancer. The ambition of this report is to highlight the ongoing impact of COVID-19 upon cancer services, promote learning from the first waves of the pandemic and help mitigate impacts of subsequent waves as well as support the redesign of services for the future.

The report received guidance and chairmanship from Professor Sir Mike Richards. The insights, quotes and conclusions contained within the report have been based on detailed interviews with 56 cancer clinicians, academics, executives and managers from within NHS providers, universities and charities across the UK for which we are very grateful. A list of those interviewed can be found in the appendix. This work uses data provided by patients and collected by the NHS as part of their care and support.

The development, peer review and publication of this report has been commissioned and funded by Roche Products Ltd (UK). Roche has not sought to steer or influence the interviews or the creation of this report in terms of questions asked or themes covered. Roche supports sharing this report to help the NHS improve patient outcomes in cancer.

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