Understanding the needs and consumption of your population is essential for any integrated care strategy. Our Population Segmentation Explorer is a web-based analytical tool that identifies cohorts with similar needs, allowing practice, locality, CCG or STP teams to understand resource consumption for each, supporting the development of new care models, patient enrolment, and capitated payments.


CF has developed a Population Segmentation Explorer based on our extensive experience supporting systems to resolve similar issues. The tool:

  • Is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that can build segmentation from local data or use machine learning to predict segmentation from national data
  • Segments population based on age and condition and reveals resource consumption and activity for each population segment, allowing opportunity and priority cohorts to be identified
  • Provides visualisation at the integrated system, CCG and GP practice/network level
  • Supports data from most health and social care organisations


  • Understand population size, activity, spend and spend per head
  • Inform the design of integrated care models for specific cohorts
  • Identify most resource-intensive patients for MDT enrolment
  • View year of care for individual patients
  • View activity by health and care setting
  • Use as the basis for capitated payment models
  • Leverage Carnall Farrar’s extensive experience in integrated care delivery

What is different about the CF Population Segmentation Explorer tool?

The CF Population Segmentation Explorer tool is simple-to-use but extraordinarily sophisticated and supports collective planning and implementation of integrated care systems. It is different from other tools because: 

The CF Population Segmentation Explorer tool takes a whole system view:

  • Is accessible via a secure cloud platform meaning that it can be accessed by multiple users from multiple locations at any point in time
  • Uses data and insights from the whole system encompassing both health and social care sources
  • Looks at the information from a whole population perspective, enabling providers to understand the demand and spend for their services and allowing commissioners and GPs to understand their populations and associated needs

The CF Population Segmentation Explorer tool uses dynamic data feeds:

  • Automated data feeds to regularly update

The CF Population Segmentation Explorer utilises advanced analytics:

  • Using multivariate regression analysis to understand the drivers of spend in different geographical areas to design the most appropriate segmentation grid
  • Using machine-learning technology to generate segmentations in areas that do not have access to an integrated dataset


This tool is part of our Delivering Integrated Care service line. If you would like to read more about our Population Segmentation Explorer, such as a more detailed product offering, please click here