Our clients ask, how do we… 

  • Predict the healthcare needs of our population? 

  • Perform what if scenario planning in a health system 

  • Build robust data pipelines for patient level analysis 

The potential for data to improve healthcare is huge. There has been a concerted effort to standardise and collate data centrally.  Our Data Science and Analytics team combines award winning advanced analytic capability with clinical expertise, NHS leadership and the top tier management consultancy experience to deliver on the opportunity of big data in the NHS​.

Human health data is inevitably complex and messyour data scientists, data engineers and consultants are dedicated to understanding the nuances within patient level data. Our approach focuses on co-design of solutionsmarrying analytics and consultancy to deliver measurable changes in health and care outcomes. 

We work with clients at all stages of their data and analytics journey to: 

  • Design an appropriate data architecture 

  • Automate validation and basic reporting 

  • Use machine learning to build predictive explainable models  

  • Build software tools to support decision making  

  • Develop internal advanced analytic capabilities 


Our offer



We provide self service and managed service tool to deliver lasting value

  • Foresight – predicting and managing UEC demand for acute providers 
  • Blueprint – Optimising service configuration for future demand 
  • COVID Scenario planner – Support operational decision at the system level to deal with COVID spikes and recovery planning 


Bespoke analysis 

  • Quantification of the impact of health system interventions on population health and well being 
  • Patient flow analysis for outpatient pathway optimization 
  • Explaining differences in cancer survival using local health system performance 


Data Integration 

We have decades of experience joining record level health data to form integrated dates sets for custom analysis and tool development. Most recently we have worked to join data in London, Northamptonshire and Lancashire.


Internal Capability 

To get the most out of healthcare data requires more than just gigabytes. There must be the correct technology, data architecture, data flow, security, governance alongside the internal capability and organizational structure to effect change. CF has helped health systems speed up their journey to data maturity and analytical excellence in the UK and internationally.