CF worked with the whole healthcare system in Northamptonshire to co-develop and mobilise the delivery of a system-wide winter demand and capacity plan for. The focus was enabling urgent and emergency care to meet demand and supporting better onward care of patients.

  • Over 200 acute hospital beds costing £12.8m were freed-up to cope with demand over winter
  • A 26% system-wide reduction in patients who were in the hospital for seven days or more


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Urgent and emergency care under pressure

Northamptonshire has two acute hospitals serving a population of 700,000. When we began work, they were severely challenged by rising demand for urgent and emergency care. Bed occupancy was at 100% for the majority of the winter, and urgent and emergency care performance was one of the lowest in the UK.

System-wide engagement

We worked with both acute hospitals, the community trust, payor, primary care providers and local government to define a new winter plan. This involved aligning system leaders on a shared ambition, by mapping the outcomes of multiple scenarios – including the ‘do nothing’ option – and working with them to establish a credible strategy, incorporating the change levers that would help them address their priorities.

Mobilising new teams

Implementing the winter plan involved mobilising and supporting seven new delivery teams, enabling clinical and admin staff to deliver improvements in the discharge of patients from hospital to onwards care.

More than 260 staff were involved in implementing the necessary changes to achieve target reductions. We trained 17 staff in data-based delivery and improvement methodology.

Ongoing impact

Our Demand, Capacity and Flow analytics tool continues to enable the Northamptonshire system to forecast and track demand, capacity and performance against the plan.