CF partnered with IBI to support the Whipps Cross Redevelopment Programme, a Health Infrastructure Programme 1 scheme which has recently submitted their Strategic Outline Case for a large hospital build project. Support involved developing the health and care services strategy and demand and forecast modelling and was recognised as being world-class by the regulator


  • Delivered high-quality work recognised as being best-in-class by the regulator
  • Developed a health and care services strategy including new models of care which were co-designed through extensive clinician engagement
  • Demand and capacity modelling with a 10-year timeline handed over to the Trust


Whipps Cross Hospital is a large, busy district general hospital in North East London serving a population of 350,000 and providing a range of healthcare services including a 24/7 A&E, a consultant-led maternity unit, and a trauma unit. Much of the estate predates the creation of the NHS and the quality of the estate is starting to have a negative impact on patient care.


CF produced a health and care services strategy and demand and activity model to underpin a proposed redevelopment programme


CF was the prime provider in a partnership with IBI, and worked in partnership with the Trust Redevelopment Programme, delivering:

  • Health and care services strategy, setting out evidence-based new models of care which were co-designed through extensive clinician engagement. Models draw together services from Whipps Cross, the Barts Health Group and the wider system
  • Demand and forecasted activity model​ mapping expected hospital activity over a 10-year timeline Demand and capacity modelling with a 10-year timeline handed over to the Trust

Demand and capacity analysis

  • Impact assessment of the strategy and redevelopment setting out scenarios based on the Trust and system’s ability to deliver transformational work
  • Service specifications setting out high-level operational policies​
  • Design brief, including key design considerations and aspirations
  • Schedule of accommodation​


The development of the health and care services strategy enabled an accurate sizing of the hospital to be produced, based on future requirements. The strategy also identified opportunities to improve patient care, in particular access to outpatients and emergency services, as well as flow through the hospital.

This work was recognised by regulators as being best in class. Particularly highlighted was the robustness of the demand and capacity modelling, which was handed over to the Trust for future use.


“CF worked very well with the broader redevelopment team including other advisors that were working with me. I was really impressed with CF’s overall ability to run the multidisciplinary process.


The development of the health and care services strategy involved engagement with over 200 stakeholders, including clinicians from the hospital and community, social care staff and hospital management. This work deeply engaged staff through 35 workshops over a 3 month period. I was particularly impressed in CF’s expert facilitation of the discussions, not all of which were straightforward. Making arrangements for all this was, in itself, logistically challenging, but each was very successful and overall the programme ran very smoothly.


The demand and capacity modelling that CF completed for us was robust and signed off by a system-wide steering group.  Its outputs have been a critical input to estimate the future hospital’s sizing. It has been thoroughly interrogated not only by the hospital and wider system but also by NHSE/I. All have been very impressed, and feedback to me has been clear that it is some of the best demand and capacity analysis they have seen. CF’s close working with my finance team was excellent and went a long way to gaining buy-in across the system.


There’s no doubt that CF has played an incredibly critical role in the hospital redevelopment programme – I welcomed their professionalism and expertise in tackling difficult issues and delivering high-quality outputs. I very much enjoyed working with them and am pleased that they have recently been re-engaged to support the hospital in beginning to translate the health and care services strategy into a series of delivery plans.”

Alastair Finney
Redevelopment Programme Director, Barts Healthcare NHS Trust