Our data science and analytics team help clients solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare today. Our team works with clients to design analytical approaches, run analytics, and deliver applications to improve outcomes for patients while managing costs.

Data Science and Analytics at CF


Identify areas where improved analytics will provide value and to whom


Assess and strengthen data sharing based on robust IG Extract, validate, aggregate and structure data for analysis


Use advanced analytical techniques, including machine learning, to draw insights out of data, and predict future trends


Crystalize analysis in clear charts that provide ”Single Version of Truth”


Synthesis of insights to facilitate leaders to understand what is going on


Engage with system leaders within system to drive action and behaviour change

Contracting with Us

You can either work with us directly or through one of our partners, or conversely, our services can also be accessed through the organisations and procurement frameworks listed below:

MCF1 and MCF2
These are management consultancy frameworks managed by the Crown Commercial Service, enabling procurement of business consultancy, strategic advice, and skillsets for complex, transformational challenges.

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. Our tools and services available through G-Cloud are the CF Population Segmentation Explorer and the CF Demand, Capacity and Flow tool.

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