We have experience of working in and with healthcare systems and life sciences firms around the world, gaining best practice insights. We use our shared knowledge of international approaches to maximise the opportunities for our clients. 


CF within the UK


We have worked extensively across most of the UK, including most of England and many parts of Scotland.

This includes:


  • Working at the national level with NHSI, and with NHSE
  • Working at the regional level
  • Supporting at a local level with both providers and emerging systems of ICS's and with local authorities and providers of social care.
Health systems in the UK

CF around the world

Our team have worked with ministries of health, healthcare systems, payors and providers across six continents.



Helping systems learn from each other

What the world can learn from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)


What the NHS can learn from the world

How a system can operate effectively when providing care, free at the point of delivery, with only 2-4% growth in funding per year


How to gain a greater analytical understanding of population health segment needs

How to invest in effective universal primary care, community services and social care


Development and implementation of digital health tools

The design and operationalisation of care models that transform the delivery of care


Design and use of payment models and incentives

Effective use of integrated performance and delivery


The identification and delivery of pathway-specific efficiency and productivity gains

The alignment of system leaders to build successful working relationships


Achieving best-in-class provider quality

The approach to system-wide capacity and workforce planning


How to commercialise research