Will Browne

Associate Partner - Data Science and Analytics

Will combines consultancy experience with data science expertise to develop pragmatic solutions to real-world problems in healthcare. He leverages machine learning and automation to get the most out of the data environment of a healthcare system and working with the analytics team ensures the data-driven insights and recommendations CF produces are clearly visualised and understandable by everyone.

Will began his career working in tech start-ups where he honed his skills as a data scientist before managing software teams as a product manager. His consultancy career began at BCG where he held the role of Senior Data Scientist.

Key areas of expertise

  • * Product management
  • * Analytics strategy
  • * Database architecture and analysis
  • * Machine learning and statistics
  • * Health economics



  • * MSc, Statistics (Medical Statistics), University College London
  • * BA, Physiological Sciences, University of Oxford


Example client projects

Supporting the creation of a diabetes strategy in the Middle East by combining national data sets to calculate incremental per patient costs within the system for various disease states.

Supporting the clinical strategy of a Sustainable Transformation Partnership based on forecast demand and optimised re-configuration of services.

Developing a machine learning approach to automatically identify opportunities for improving four-hour performance within emergency departments.

Developing a deeplearning model to generate simulated individual patient journeys in order to model a variety of interventions and scenarios within urgent and emergency care pathways.

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