Toby Lambert


Toby’s extensive experience spans healthcare delivery, consulting and policy. He has supported the formulation and delivery of national policy in numerous countries, working alongside providers and systems to bring about change. Prior to CF, he was, successively, Director of Strategy and Director of Pricing for Monitor. As such, he led on national health strategy and policy for Monitor and developed Monitor’s regulatory frameworks; he oversaw Monitor’s trust development support, oversaw the National Tariff, and developed the national costing transformation programme. He also played an essential role in overseeing foundation trusts – both in assessing breaches and in supporting them to improve. As Director of Strategy at King’s College Hospital, he oversaw service developments and forward planning. Passionate about improving value in healthcare, Toby enables staff to deliver the best possible care for their patients.

Key areas of expertise

  • * Developing health system strategy
  • * Analysing of health system performance
  • * Engaging boards and executive teams in the exploration of innovation
  • * Understanding and modelling financial flows
  • * Developing governance and organisational forms
  • * Designing payment
  • * Regulation and oversight
  • * Service redesign and change implementation



  • * Exec ed. Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • * MA, MPhil, Modern History, First Class Hons (MA) and Distinction (MPhil), University of Oxford


Example client projects

Helped a system serving a population of 490,000 to reach a common understanding of the drivers of its delayed discharge performance. Work included an extensive set of interviews, walkthroughs of the emergency pathway, staff surveys, reviewing patient notes, data analytics, and document review culminating in a system-wide workshop to validate the findings and agree on priorities.

Worked with a public sector tertiary hospital in the Gulf to formulate their strategic plan. Work included assessing their research and clinical strengths, their productivity, the effectiveness of their support services to decide on areas where the hospital should expand services and how the hospital could deliver on their strategic ambitions.

Determined the feasibility of bringing in a leading hospital provider to manage and operate an existing facility in the Gulf. Work included assessing the potential market across the Gulf, identifying areas for greatest improvement, and how the facility/ new management team could support the improvement of healthcare throughout the country.

Supported an overhaul of a healthcare system in the Gulf. Assessed the current strengths and weaknesses of the Gulf country’s healthcare system against a selected set of peers, identified system reforms to make it more efficient. Subsequent initiatives improved the operation of its major hospital, reducing waiting times from weeks to days.

Accelerated local care plans, by supporting local areas in developing how they join up care for elderly, frail and co-morbid patients. Work included identifying the interventions, putting together the financial case and how to implement.

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