Phil Livingstone

Senior Manager

Phil has a significant track record of delivering change at system, organisation and individual levels. He uses strong interpersonal and motivational skills to lead work in care system redesign, organisation development and leadership development, ensuring change is both ambitious and realistic. Phil started his career in consulting at KPMG, during which time he was seconded to the NHS Leadership Academy.

Key areas of expertise

  • * Management of complex high-profile change programmes
  • * Supporting performance improvement programmes
  • * Working in complex stakeholder environments
  • * Development of future leaders and team coaching
  • * Supporting teams to turn complex data into meaningful information



  • * CIMA Associate
  • * ACMA
  • * CGMA
  • * PhD, Neuropharmacology, University of Bath


Example client projects

Accelerating a client QIPP programme, by improving and building on existing plans plus frontline support to generate workforce enthusiasm and ownership of initiatives.

Creating a strategic framework and implementation roadmap for mental health services across an integrated care system, including the use of contemporary new models of community mental health care.

Supporting a region in Scotland to meet the needs of the Scottish Government and Social Care Delivery Plan by developing a sustainable model of care incorporating over 30 stakeholder organisations.

Managing the delivery of an acute services review focused on acute bed capacity, including options for managing capacity gaps.

Producing a strategic outline business case for care system redesign to serve a population of 140,000 in the South of England. This included engagement with senior National Health Service and local authority leadership teams care professionals and residents.

Supporting a global roll-out of a clinical risk management framework to understand and measure the impact of clinical risk across five key geographies.


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