May Li


May is currently leading our international service line, she has extensive experience in strategic planning and delivery, working with healthcare clients in the UK and internationally to devise strategy and deliver transformation programmes. She has worked with commissioners, providers, local authorities and regulators, as well as healthcare systems focused on developing strategic commissioning functions in the context of place-based care and population health management. May facilitates system collaboration and enabling others to navigate the conflicting pressures at the chief executive level. May offers knowledge of financial regulatory compliance and business strategy outside of health, having trained at PWC, and is expert in quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Key areas of expertise

  • * Stakeholder engagement
  • * Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • * Business case development
  • * Strategy development
  • * Impact assessment
  • * Programme management



  • * MSc Public Policy, University College London
  • * MA and PhD candidate in communications and political science, University of Tokyo


Example client projects

Leading on the review of a hospital group in China to evaluate their innovative new care model against international best practice and evidence base, in collaboration with Academic Health Solutions.

Leading the design of a patient flow programme for an acute hospital Trust, developing practical solutions for managing winter demand from the front door to discharge.

Leading engagement on an urgent and emergency care improvement plan, which included conducting a holistic diagnostic, targeted leadership development, and guiding the development and deployment of a demand, capacity and flow tool to support system capacity management.

Leading the development of three place-based plans for a Sustainable Transformation Partnership footprint.

Supported a Sustainable Transformation Partnership with the development of their financial submission and strategic financial framework to demonstrate how the system would reach a financial balance.

Leading a cross-functional team on the delivery of a regional health and care programme over three phases in a 12-month period, involving 11 organisations.


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