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Jack Pickard

Software Engineer

Jack Pickard, PhD has extensive research experience in the healthcare sector gained through a postdoctoral research fellowship, peer-reviewed papers published in scientific journals and his work with international stakeholders developing healthcare systems. He also brings experience in medical devices and is listed as a lead inventor in a medical patent. Jack’s PhD in cardiovascular medicine, awarded by University College London, was sponsored by the British Heart Foundation. Jack has delivered a series of lectures on cardiovascular disease to master’s students at University College London.

Key areas of expertise

  • * Data collection, review and analysis
  • * Extracting value from large data sets
  • * Knowledge of Python and SQL
  • * Stakeholder engagement
  • * Working in healthcare systems in the Gulf
  • * Managing delivery in multicultural environments



  • * B PhD in Cardiology, University College London
  • * BSc (Hons) Pharmacology, University of Bristol


Example client projects

Performing a comprehensive series of analyses on a UK healthcare system including population health, demand for secondary care services, workforce challenges and finance.

Supporting a multi-method approach to assess the value for money of a major provider in the Gulf.

Supporting a Trust to develop a ‘forward view’ that set out its key strategic aims for the next five years.

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