Guy Cochrane


Guy has broad experience in service reconfiguration incorporating acute service re-design, financial analysis, commissioning governance structures and health policy. He joined CF after working in the NHS as a communication specialist, supporting commissioners and providers across Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire.

Key areas of expertise

  • * Data collection, analysis and presentation
  • * Urgent and emergency care best practice
  • * Acute surgical services
  • * CCG governance structures
  • * Drivers of financial performance



  • * BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford


Example client projects

Supporting the production of a surgical strategy for 21 specialties across five sites, leading the quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify gaps in care, assess the optimal configuration of services, and the financial, operational and qualitative impact of implementing the new configuration.

Conducting a financial review for a Clinical Commissioning Group to understand historic performance, identify the drivers of the in-year deficit and assess the capability and capacity available to deliver a financial recovery plan.

Carrying out analysis to identify the key drivers of poor performance within an urgent and emergency care system, mapping whole pathway to identify bottlenecks in performance and supporting production of final report and recommendations.

Producing analytics on historic and future trends in the NHS across population health, quality, access and finance, in support of Lord Ara Darzi’s 2018 report, ‘Better Health and Care for All’.

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