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Alexandre Rieux

Technical Lead

I am a software engineer with leadership experience who enjoys working in an agile environment with colleagues passionate about building great things and where technology enables great products. After graduating with a bachelor and master in design and art, I started my career as a UI and UX designer to quickly shift into software developer as I found myself passionate about coding and preferred the engineering side of the conception process. I went on a journey to become a Frontend engineer then expanded my knowledge to all areas from Backend engineering to Platform and data engineering while working for multiple start - ups and learning valuable knowledge from multiple industries. I see myself as a product and domain focus generalist engineer and I am hoping to use this experience to drive the technology and processes to its best and build successful products at CF. I also use most of my free time to learn about many topics ranging from Healthcare, Green energies, EVs, Economy, Finance, Politics, Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics.

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