The issue

In order to address the challenges of a fast-growing, ageing population, as well as future fiscal constraints on its £220m healthcare spend, the way care was delivered in Eastern Cheshire needed to be radically re-shaped.

The work

Carnall Farrar mobilised a team with appropriate breadth of knowledge and experience to address these complex issues, working seamlessly with the other consulting firms involved. Our team drove the creation of a credible, evidence-based strategic plan called ‘Caring Together’, which delivered an integrated care system. In addition to this we led the project management and coordination work streams.

The output

  • Modelling the baseline case
  • Outlining future service delivery options
  • Setting out the plans for successful transition

The outcomes

  • The scale of the financial challenge was identified and system leaders had a shared understanding of the key drivers of the deficit and clinically unsustainable services
  • A plan for strategic transformation was produced: ‘Caring Together’. This plan redesigned services to move from reactive, acute care to proactive care closer to home
  • The assumptions contained in the final strategic plan were aligned with Eastern Cheshire’s existing strategy following the work, including high level quantification of the enablers including IT, workforce and estates to support the overall transformation programme.

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